Writer’s Block

Writers block, this is what I have been suffering from lately. I Have so many thoughts and ideas jumbling up in my head I almost feel like one of those Dr. Sues characters with out all the rhyming and sneaky governmental in you windows. Sometimes when you over think things or sometimes you just feel like “hey this is boring why would anyone want to read this” or “ why would anyone care about that”.

I think as a new blogger we may sometimes come across as these pathetic people that just want some sort of attention. Some sort of recognition for the greatness that we think we are doing in our lives. And we really just want someone to share it with or just let someone know what goes on in our heads of awesomeness. I could write about politics, but how many blogs out there are there about politics. “who’s right? Who’s wrong”. Are you a republican, a democrat, liberal, conservative? And even at that point if you write about something that someone else doesn’t necessarily agree with then you get bombarded by all theses people that find your post offensive and not agreeable to they’re opinion. Its all a really big mess.

Should I write about religion? The most controversial topic of today’s society? Should I write about my personal life? There’s so many possibilities. That is why I have temporarily diagnosed myself with the horrible disease of writers block. So for those of you who have recently followed me I apologized I am seriously going to sit down and find the root of this problem and solve it. But until then ill just amuse you with all the stuff that well doesn’t really matter to anyone but me but that hopefully you may find interesting.