Left behind

Left behind
I stood there starring at you as you walked away.
Leaving me there to disintegrate,
Into the pile of ashes u left behind.

Not a single second glance was given.
Not even for a minute.
Left me there in the cold dark night to fend.
Pushing me away leaving me no where to bend.

Now I’m left here with all these memories.
That I can’t seem to erase.
Should have known better than to let you be my base.
How sturdy you turned out to be.
Because it Crumbled right under my feet.
Underestimating the landing
I let myself fall face first instead of on my feet.

But it seems it was never enough.
So u destroyed me not knowing how rough it would be.
To turn away from me.
Leaving me in the dark to make tough.
The sorrow just might
Give me another day to fight.
To mend my broken heart That u left behind.


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