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No name

No name
What happened to your fame?
That fame you so fondly chased.
Couldn’t find the satisfaction
Or the attraction
To keep me at ur side.
So you threw my soul away that I can no longer find.
Just keep in mind
The heart you broke isn’t so easy to unwind.
Unwind the time you stole
To fill the whole
That left me empty and hollow inside.
So I leave you with your fame
Because to me you have no name.



I am a wife to a wonderful husband, a daughter to two amazing parents, sister to two very smart siblings and mother to a very active Yorkie named Batman. Newly Wed who is just trying to make a difference in this world. A super hero of some sorts following the tide of the way things roll in this new joint venture. New city, new places, new friends, new family. Adjusting to change one grain of salt at a time. Learning new things, adjusting to new surroundings, new cultures and environments.

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