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I choose

Sometimes I get asked why I believe in God. A God. This God that I have never seen before or touched before. A God that I have no physical proof of. the Only proof I have is from men who used to be great sinners, thief’s, liars, murders, womanizer’s and cheaters. Men who deserved nothing but death because of actions they had committed in their life. How do you explain a God that forgives all these horrific actions? Who cleans slates of undeserving people like myself?

I choose to believe in God. I choose to believe in the one and only God, a maker, a designer of things, an artist of beautiful landscape, a friend, a companion, a shoulder to cry on. I choose to believe in Gods purpose to use his one and only son as a sacrifice so that we could obtain forgiveness thru him. So that we could freely accept the grace that is his love. I choose to believe in God because I would rather believe in something that brings comfort and satisfaction in my short and replaceable life. I would rather believe in someone who is perfect in all ways. In the thought that someone is better than myself. That there is someone who is kind, loving, healer of all diseases. I choose to believe that there is still good in this world. With all the negative input in the world, all the chaos that is greed, hatred, war mungers, disturbance of peace, jealousy, power hogs, and revengeful attitudes. I want to believe that there is a purpose to my life, that he has me here for a reason other than to live day by day wondering when it will be my last. Wondering if there’s any kind of impact on this world that i can make. I choose to believe that I have a friend in heaven watching me, encouraging me, loving me unconditionally, protecting me and is waiting for the day when he can meet me in person.. I choose to believe in God because I am NOT perfect.



I am a wife to a wonderful husband, a daughter to two amazing parents, sister to two very smart siblings and mother to a very active Yorkie named Batman. Newly Wed who is just trying to make a difference in this world. A super hero of some sorts following the tide of the way things roll in this new joint venture. New city, new places, new friends, new family. Adjusting to change one grain of salt at a time. Learning new things, adjusting to new surroundings, new cultures and environments.

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