For my love

To the love of my life:

There will be days when I will over think things, question things, doubt things, analyze things, wonder what it is that you ever saw in me days. Question how long you will stay. Wonder if someday you will get bored and tired of me. Days when jealousy will take over and make you see the ugliness that comes out of me. Somedays I’ll just need that reassurance that you are still in love with me. A kiss on the forehead, a smile, a hug from behind, a kiss on the neck or just randomly holding my hand. To show me that I am still the person you want to be with. There will be days when all I really need is a hug and a shoulder to cry on. Baby i can be needy, clumsy, thoughtless, mean,controlling, obnoxious and hard to get along with. There will be days that I’m going to need you to be the strong one and guide me thru hard times. Days when I need you to spoil me even if it is just ice cream. I can be sensitive, quite, will want nothing more than just time alone and piece and quite. I know I’m not perfect and have many flaws, have many insecurities and problems. I know it may seem like a lot but I promise to return all the love and kindness that you show me. I promise to work on my issues and fully trust in you. Even though I may seem to be tough on the outside. I have a kind heart, sensitive feelings, and may think a little inside the box at times. I never mean to offend or neglect with the things I do or say. But the truth is, is that I love you. All jokes aside you mean the world to me. You may drive me crazy sometimes but I couldn’t imagine my life w out you.



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