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You gave me love
And I accepted it.
You gave me hope
And I ran with it.
You gave me peace
And I needed it.
You gave me your heart
And I’ll protect it.
You gave me trust
And I’ll keep it.
I gave you my love
And I meant it.

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First day at camp wasn’t as bad as I thought it was going to be. We drove into the parking lot of Camp For You and Me at 5:23 pm. After driving almost 7 hours today I was exhausted, frustrated and hungry. I had never been away from home before and this was definitely a new experience. As we unloaded the van and the volunteers helped me find my cabin I was taken away by everything! Everything was so peaceful, so free, so green. I felt like I could be myself here and no one would think of me differently. My friends at The Center had told me about this camp and I begged mom to let me go for almost what seemed like forever. She finally caved in when I told her it was completely safe. My friend grant had told me how great everyone was, and even told me he went down a zip line! That alone made me want to come even more. Of course I didn’t tell mom about the zip line. But I made sure to mention all the paved side walks, the activities, the numerous volunteers, the great food! Not to mention everyone else that was going from The Center that were just like me. I know it scares her to leave me, I know she’s afraid I’ll get hurt because I can’t completely take care of myself. And I know she worries about my social skills and how I think people see me. I don’t worry so much about it anymore.

After the volunteer helped me get settled into my cabin and showed me where the cafe was I grabbed my lucky hat and zoomed off to get something to eat. I was starving.
When I came into the door I was greeted by a very nice looking girl with the camps name on it all tyde i’de. The cafe was already full of people eating dinner. I spotted grant with a few other people and made my way over to the table.
“Sup grant”
“Sup hot rod”
He’s always calling me hot rod because of the flames on my chair.
A lady in pink came over and asked me mayo or mustard and placed a tray infront of me. It looked delicious! Or maybe I was just so hungry!